Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Surabaya v Lamongan

How to describe Surabaya? Their fans are a mixture of Newcastle's fanatical Toon Army who would queue to see a mannequin in a black n white and Leeds Service Crew circa 80's. They travel and they're up for it, witness them having pops at Jakarta and Pauaruan in the recent Big 8 games in nearby Gresik.

Yesterday in the Indonesian Cup they played Lamongan and beat them comfortably 2-0 including a cracking secong goal struck sweetly from something like 35 yards. Plenty of bonek signs around the ground, plenty of Surabaya green. Nothing of Lamongan, nary a trace. Probably a wise move, Surabaya have a whif of Millwall about them, mention them to anybody and people look visibly worried. Ooh they say, many hooligans.

Must do a Cup round up soon.


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