Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Semarang v Malang

Missed the first hour thanks to the mother of all power cuts. Oi, PLN, some of us have got blogs to write you dozy numpties...there's a whole world out there gagging to know about the Big 8.

Unlike the first game yesterday we have a pretty good crowd in Solo but then Semarang and Malang have pretty short journeys to make. Later Kediri, also pretty close, play Blikpapin, who have to come from the island of Borneo.

On 80 minutes Semarang took the lead. A free kick from Hary Salisbury, a promising wing back, took a wicked deflection off the wall, the keeper failed to hold it and Ortiz, one of Semarang's Argie imports, was there to bury it in the old onion bag.

I gotta say I like the look of Salisbury. He has a touch of the Roberto Carlos about him meaning he's a dead ball specialist and so so at defending but he has the fortune of having an easy name to remember which is a boon for me because I don't always have access to the latest Bola magazine when i write this up!

The game ended 1-0, Are Malang didn't show too much in the bits I saw while Semarang are looking ominous. Ortiz took off his shirt and approached the travelling Panzer Biru and milked the applause. Advantage Semarang.


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