Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Pasuruan Town v Minhasa

You have to wonder. Perhaps, just perhaps...anyway after last nights bore fest it was good to see the excitement return to Gresik.

Anyway let's start at the beginning. Minhasa, 2-0 at half time, were cruising and probably anticipating top spot, at least for a couple of hours, but football is a funny old game Brian and a lot can change in a couple of minutes at the death.'

Sloppy Minhasa defending saw a weak clearance reach some prowling Pasuruan player on the edge of the box. His shot took a sharp deflection and though the keeper saw it the ball had enough pace to trickle into the left hand corner. Two minutes of injury time had been played, the orange clad fans who had made the relatively short journey up the East Javan coast were dreaming. On Monday they'd come from 1-0, could they do something again?

A cross from the left hand side of the box was met firmly. The ball was back in the net, the recovery was complete. Minhasa were crestfallen, the Pasaruan coach was giving the thumbs down to his counterpart, they'd come from behind...again.

They sneaked into the Big 8 at the last minute.

They'd come from behind to snatch 3 points from 'mighty' Jakarta.

They'd saved a point at the death.

Is their name on the trophy??? You have to wonder...

Next up is Jakarta against Makassar

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