Friday, June 16, 2006


Results Update

Tangerang City v Are Malang 2-1
Padang v Bandung 0-1
Jakarta v Pasuruan Town 2-0
Tangerang v Deli Serdang 2-1
Jakarta North v Medan 2-1

Malang picked up zero points from their last 2 games on the road as did Medan but then we expected that didn't we. Jakarta carried on their fine winning streak by scoring twice in the same game which we didn't expect did we?

1 Semarang 24 33-19 44
2 Jakarta 25 25-16 44
3 Are Malang 23 34-16 40
4 Medan 24 29-26 36
5 Tangerang City 25 34-36 34
6 Pasuruan Town 23 28-25 33

Following on from the earthquake in Yogyakarta there will be no relegation this season. Ypgyakarta and Sleman, 2 teams most closely affected, haven't played fsince and with football's funding provided by local governments obviously they have other things on the radar these days. Instead 4 teams will come up so each division will have 16 teams and not 14 like now.

The Indonesian Cup takes centre stage now for a bit but I've lost track of that bloody thing. Jakarta play Batang next Wednesday but is it a second leg or a replay of the earlier 0-0.

In that thingy in Germany England thrashed Trinidad and Tobago and actually scored their own goals this time.

OK, I'm off on my hols tomorrow with Julian, Dick, Anne, that dyke George and the oh so licky Timmy. We're going to stay with Uncle Quentin and George's aunt, Fanny, and drink lashings of fizzy pop and no doubt have an exciting adventure. I hope David can keep the Message Board up to date with the latest in Indonesian football because we do need to know, don't we?


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