Friday, June 30, 2006


The final standings...

Ok so I was away for the fun and games of the final round of fixtures but I’ll do my best to fill you in here.

Jakarta won their final game 1-0 at home to Tangerang City meaning they finished off the season with consistency if not panache. Semarang got trounced 6-0 up at Deli Serdang, hence David has been somewhat quiet I imagine. The biggest surprise though was Medan flopping at the final hurdle, going down 1-0 at home to Jepara and ensuring they would miss out on the big 8.

So the final standings are something like this:

Western Division

Are Malang 39-17 47
Jakarta 26-26 47
Semarang 33-27 44
Pasuruan Town 35-27 42

Eastern Division

Minhasa 37-26 50
Kediri 53-24 47
Makassar 44-32 42
Balikpapin 35-28 41

Who needs the News Of The World Football Annual when you have Jakarta Casual’s very own season’s facts n figures?

Top Scorer: 25 goals Christian Gonzales (Kediri)
Best Scorers: 53 goals Kediri
Lowest Scorers: 18 goals Slemen
Best Defence: 16 goals Jakarta
Worst Defence: 49 goals Gianyar
Most Wins: 16 Minhasa
Most Defeats: 15 Slemen & Gianyar
Least Wins: 5 Gianyar
Least Defeats: 5 Are Malang & Jakarta

So the Big 8 shapes up like this. Two mini leagues of 4 teams each, one group centred on Solo, the other on Gresik in East Java which could be fun and games for the local coppers!

Group A (Solo and Batang)

Are Malang

Group B ( Gresik and Surabaya)

Pasuruan Town

Fixtures start 18th July so no doubt we’ll be featuring these fixtures closer to the date. In the meantime the oh so confusing Indonesian Cup plods along and I haven’t got a Scooby who’s playing who where or when.

Oh, nearly forgot! The World Cup is still on and my proudest achievement in two weeks in Thailand and Laos is I never saw a single game! England against Sweden I slept through peacefully while my in box slowly filled up with text messages. The game against Ecuador also passed me by, sleeping by the river in Kanchanaburi, lulled into a sense of security by the waters lapping against the river banks yards from my bungalow. Apparently there are some other teams left in the cup who are playing well and scoring goals but I really don’t care about Ronaldo, Klose or Messi and why should I? We have Peter Crouch! Tomorrow sees us play Scolari again, let’s hope the bags are packed and we check out early on the Sunday or we might have to pay extra on the hotel rooms. Normally for an Arsenal game, any Arsenal game, I get quite excited, wonder which pub to watch the game in and where else to get the ales in but for this one? Decisions, decisions…

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