Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Exciting times for football fans

We are approaching the business end of the season and the race is on for the Big 8 or Play Offs that will decide who will be Indonesian Champions.

The Western Division, which is on TV most, looks like this.

Semarang 23 31-19 41
Jakarta 23 22-16 38
Are Malang 20 31-12 37
Medan 22 28-23 36
Pasuruan Town 20 26-19 33

At the moment 5th are hosting 3rd live on TV with Pasuruan 1-0 up, please check here for how that game ends up.

Outstanding Games

(H) v Jepara, (A) v Medan, (A) Deli Serdang

(H) v Are Malang, (H) v Pasuruan Town, (H) v Tangerang City

Are Malang
(A) v Pasuruan Town, (A) v Jakarta, (A) v Tangerang City, (H) v Sriwijaya, (H) v Padang

(A) v Tangerang, (A) v Jakarta North, (H) v Semarang, (H) v Jepara

Pasuruan Town
(H) v Are Malang, (A) v Tangerang City, (A) v Jakarta, (H) v Padang, (H) v Sriwijaya

Semarang will have 2 tough away games while Jakarta have 3 games at home, two of which they should be quietly confident about Medan have 2 games on the road which they won't be happy about, they have picked up 10 points on their travels out of a maximum 33 but at least they get plenty of air miles. Malang will go into their final 3 games confident of collecting 9 points while they would probably be content with a point at Jakarta.

What about Pasuruan Town? Put it this way, if I were a Medan fan I'd be nervous...

We'll look at the Eastern Division next update.

...finally this from Jakartass

It has been suggested that it's time for another Indonesian BlogFest. The last one was just before Xmas and it does seem that this year there has been an increase in the vitality of the Indonesian blogosphere with an awareness of the power of 'the people' to network and effect action, if not change. So, let's celebrate.

Suggested Date: Friday June 16th.
Suggested Time: 6pm 'til whenever.
Suggested Place: Ya Udah. Jalan Jaksa.
Suggested Agenda: Eat, Drink and say 'Hi'.

The time is early enough to wander off for your usual Friday night perambulations.

I'm off for my Wednesday night ones after the game...


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