Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Beer and Bonek


More about that later. Not much happening still, Surabaya visited Mojokerto in the Cup and trashed the joint. No change there, I can imagine the Indonesia League rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of the Surabaya bonek travelling the country causing mayhem!

I'm off to the pub tonight, I'm in need f beer and nosebag. Friday Mad Dogs Serpong is having it's grand opening with free beer, snacks, dancers and live music. Check out, they may have more.

Bugils willing be opening their own covered stand where people can relive all the fun of the stadium without fear of Surabaya's finest trashing the joint. Cold beer from Widi et all.

Likewise Mad Dogs on Saturday has the England game live with happy hour from 7 pm I think.

Thirsty work this, laters...

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