Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Beer Tuesday

There were a couple of games played including one at Tangerang but business took me to town. Once upon a time Tuesday night meant one thing, ladies night at Bugils, a beer frenzy among the fairer sex which seemed to draw the worst out of people and must have seen rough heads on the Wednesay at more than a few offices across the city.

Being of a much milder temperment these days I sought solace in Aphrodite where the mushy peas absorbed the initial beer attack. Aphro is another favourite bar of mine. Immensely popular with expats and locals it manages to keep the feel of a local thanks in no small part to the managers, Fred and Daniel. There's always a friendly welcome here to get you in the mood for some serious swilling and a couple of pool tables tempt the sporty types out there.

Then it was off to Mad Dogs Brahaus in distant Serpong. It was billed as a soft opening and Glen, the manager, had laid on some finger snacks as well as some free beers for the punters. It's a bit of a mish mash at the moment. Previously a German themed bar, the team are attempting to add parts of the Mad Dogs Englishness to it which could go down well with Fritz and the other regulars. The opportunities for mischief are legion; Basil Fawlty Night, 30th Anniversary of England's sole World Cup triumph, 'Allo 'Allo reruns...marvellous stuff. Apparently they'll be using a German chef so you could have sauer kraut on the menu as well as sitting in the bar!

It looks a nice place. It's on the 7th floor, has an open terrace and offers a fine vista of I know not what. I stuck close to the bar and kept the barmaids on their toes to make the place look busy! There are plans for an Oktoberfest, I guess in October, and perhaps some of the waitress' will be dressed up as busty Bayerische frauleins with long willowing dresses and Tysonesque fingers...or maybe not.

Wonder how Tangerang got on?

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