Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Beer and Hookers...

I don't really like Rugby League. In fact I don't really like any type of rugby, a game payed with odd shaped balls featuring hookers seems odd to me. But if my time in 'Stralia taught me anything it is that the State of Origin between Queensland and New South Wales is one of THE great sporting rivalries up there with Arsenal against Tottenham, Celtic v Rangers and Grove against Connaught (!).

My time downunder coincided with the tale end of King Wally, is it only 'Stralia that can produce a sporting legend called Wally? And Alfie?

The spectacle was made all the better with some of the worst commercials ever to be shown on TV. Chris Marshall and Joyce Mayne, you are not forgotten!

What blew me away in those days was the atmosphere. Take every cliche you want, electric etc, add them all together and you don't come close to decribing it. The commentry teams adds to the scene with them getting animated and pitching ever higher while on the pitch itself the players get in the mood by a hooking and a whacking from the first minute. In those days I hoped Queensland would win for no other reason that I first lived in Brisbane but now, when I remember the games are on, I'm neutral and basically drink heaps of beer and hope for a big screen punch up.

Today sees the Sate of Origin start anew and I have a decision to make. Mad Dogs are showing the game and have a Happy Hour from 3 o'clock to entice the likes of me down there early. Tomorrow is a holiday, today there is cheap beer and a major sporting event perhaps accompanied by pasty and chips. Hmm, decisions, decisons...

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