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2004-2005 Liga Djarum Indonesia

This article comes from wikipedia and refers to last seasons Big 8 play offs as they relate to Jakarta. Can't be arsed editing it! Persebaya is Surabaya, Persipura is Jayapura...

Persija, in the Western Division, had not many obstacles to go to Liga Djarum Indonesia 2nd phase. They met Persebaya, PSIS, and Arema. But many thought that Persija's victories were based on unfair referees and officials. This theory's accuracy is debated.

Persija vs Persebaya
One scandal occurred at this 2nd phase when Persebaya walked out from the Competition. They thought that Jakmanias, the supporters of Persija, had intimidated Persebaya supporters, the Boneks (Bondho Nekat, lit. "based on guts"). Some 10 supporters were reported dead because of beating by some Jakartans [
citation needed]. They left the Liga Indonesia trophies, which they got last year, to the press. This incident had made the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) angry. They prohibited Persebaya from any football activities for some 20 months. Hence, Persija went to the final alongside Persipura.

The final
The final was held at
Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia's biggest stadium, located in Jakarta. About 80,000 Jakmanias came to watch the match. The coach, Arcan Iurie, played all the best Persija could do, although they had lost some of their brilliants, like Yulianto and Pamungkas.
The match was played in attacking flow. The first goal was by Agus Indra, Persija's midfield, at the 10th minute. But soon Persija equalized the position. The match ended in draw, and Silver Goal was taken. In the silver goal, Persipura succeeded to add another goal, and Persipura won the final 3-2.
Soon, riot broke out. After the prize giving ceremony, Persija's supporters begun to destroy Gelora Bung Karno. Some chairs were burned out, some cars outside were also burned.
The price for Persipura is 1 billion
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my comment is

first, the persebaya management are ready to match againt's persija, but major of surabaya give a instruction for team management for back to surabaya because their suporter BONEX(bondo nekat) has been make a riot in all transportation place like rail and bus station. and the NGO of betawi(origin tribe of jakarta) or FBR(forum betawi rempug) make a arogant comment in the one of privete TV broadcast."we will kill all bonek in jakarta" one of FBR say. so the major of surabaya make a statment "that's enough, jakarta is indonesian capital city, so dont disturb a stabilishment that capital city"

hey waht's going on?? that's not if persija go to final with unfair way??
Thanks for that!

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