Friday, March 24, 2006


Semarang Joy Against Deli Serdang

From David

I was so lucky yesterday being able to watch PSIS live from the stadium in Semarang, as in early morning, i was being told by my company for a work visit to semarang. The game started with a bang, 20,000 fans already there from 2 PM, just to see their team last game in this 1st roundup. Cachi had three chances and other players like Harry and suwitha almost equalised at first 15 minutes...but the 1st goal happened from Harry's freekick, his ability is pretty awesome, reminds me of Juninho of FC there you go..1st goal..from a superb freekick...not long after that, the PSDS side scored a goal...the whole stadium was pretty much silent afterwards.. PSIS started their attack again..but from 5 chances, none of them were there you go..1st half gone..2nd half started...PSIS made a chance and this new young gun Julian kusuma replaced modestus...(julian is Indonesia's answer to lionel messi ) the game is now back with a fresh was becoming a boring game..PSIS had 8 corner kick and 20 chances..if i assumed, there was 80% ball position for PSIS...but no was 89 minutes and i was about to leave the game with some other fans...and assuming the score will stayed 1-1 ...but guess what? a cracker shot from the defender foffe camara finally awake the whole fans...ITS A GOAL!! 20,000 of them were jumping..i dont know how to describe them..i was crying like a baby..i cant believe it!! think thats it?? no no porras aka cachi...received a nice pass and he ran from the middle and passed 3 defenders before he finished..yes..FINISHED PSDS struggle for today! goal!!!...the whole stadium was partying..cheering...oh my God....i was in my i never felt before...anyway..thats all..dont forget to choose your fav player for ALL STAR GAME in semarang at 5 april 2005

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