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I'm sitting at home watching Bandung and listening to the Specials, not a bad life eh?

Not for the first time this season a game is being played before an empty stadium. Banung are hosting Palembang Sriwijaya at a different stadium, not their usual Siliwangi, as a punishment for fan misbehaviour. While crowds here can be a bit wild I think something should also be done about the diving by players. It looks like some are in training for China!

Anyways, yesterday I visited the Badui villages about a 4 hour drive and looking out of the window there and back I was struck by one thing. The towns and kampongs we went through were alike in that they had mosques, warnets and an untidy scrap of grass with 3 rusty poles at each end hosting an impromptu kick around. Not always spontaneous, I've often seen games where the players have been neatly turned out displaying their kills in front of appreciative audiences sat around being serviced by numerous kaki lima.

Which begs the question. How do players get picked up by the big clubs like Semarang or Kediri? I guess there must be some kind of scouting network in place? I guess clubs pay attention to what little schools football there is? I guess I'm not making too many assumptions here?

Football is as popular here as it is anywhere else. It would be a real shame if the talented kampong kids didn't get a chance to shine on a bigger stage.

If anyone knows anything about how scouting works here I'd love to hear from you.

Added by David

Here how it goes on the scouting/talent pick up clubs in Indonesia. Most club especially the big one like PSIS, PSMS, Arema, etc have their own football school, which later the school will participate on a national tournament. After they graduated from the football school, they directly go to the U21 team of their own club, just like Barcelona B or AC milan B. picking up a street footballer is very much not an habbit here, because in their view, street footballers doesnt have the basic skills and training as required. Thats about it

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