Friday, February 17, 2006



Actually I didn't see the game, we got stuck in the traffic and got lost so we gave up!

As promised here is a look at the teams in the Eastern Division..

Persik Kediri - East Java
Persmin Minhasa - Tondano, North Sulawesi
Persiwa - Wamena, Papua
Persila -
Persiba - Balikpapin, East Kalimantan
PSS - Slemen
Persiter - Ternate, Maluku
Persibom -
Persipura - Jayapura, Papua
Pupuk - East Kalimantin
Sidoarjo Deltras - East Java
Persigi - Gianyur, Bali
Persema - Malang
I've been impressed by Persik Kediri from what I've seen of them, nice pitch as well. Reckon they're in with a chance.
Beyond that not much else to report. Collette Wong makes Sportscentre on ESPN watchable again. Tomorrow is Man U and Liverpool, what a bore, I won't be tuning in to that. Bloody Des Corkhill saying if this game don't excite me then nothing in football will. Boring...
Persija Jakarta are at Medan on Saturday, they are doing well away from home, struggling at Lebuk Bulus while Medan are still doing well. Interesting game, I'll be watching that then Saturday night n the beer. Ain't life sweet!

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