Saturday, February 25, 2006


Sidoarjo or Liverpool???

So Saturday I buy Soccer another local tabloid hoping to catch up with local football gossip and what do I find? Pages and pages about the upcoming Champions League and one solitary page about the local leagues!

Saturday saw Jakarta play at Medan while Friday night on First Edition Richard Keys told me that the world wants to see the best teams play in the FA Cup Final and the best teams are Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool or those moneyed wide boys up the King’s Road. Basically he said it was a shame that the scousers and the mancs, were meeting so early in the cup. What a load of old toilet paper. The FA Cup is about romance and tradition. It’s about Jim Montgomery and Paul Allen. I for one would like to see a different name on the trophy this year. West Ham, Bolton, Manchester City, anybody but the usual suspects…and this is not sour grapes…(much).

So in protest at the North West pish on TV Jakarta Casual trawled himself off to the Blok and a long awaited rendezvous with the Bard of Blok M, the man who swallowed a thesaurus and launched a web site about squeeze n sleaze with many long words. The Sportsmans still does a mean nachos but have the portions got a tad smaller? The Everest still has friendly bar staff and a dodgy manager with a crooked queue and odd balls. Top Gun has been reinvented but I would never have known had the Bard not told me. And so to Oscars but the less said about that the better eh?

Sunday had the attractions of Sidoarjo hosting Balikpapin and despite going a goal down they came back to nick a 2-1 victory. The lack of goalmouth activity, ok it was a turgid yawn watching the drab affair, had me clocking the league tables.

In the western Division the top scorers with 14 in 6 are Medan while just behind with 12 goals from 8 games are Pasuruan Town. The bottom two, Tangerang and Jakarta North have a grand total of 3 between, so a goal feast is surely guaranteed when they meet on Tuesday, bet tickets are going quickly for that one. Jakarta have scored 6 in 7 games which no doubt has Governor Sutiyoso doing handstands. It’s no surprise to anyone who has been reading this blog that in the Eastern Division Kederi are still top and have rattled in an average of two goals a game.

Anyways Semarang are still top in the West followed by Arema Malang, Pasuran and the freescoring Tangerang City (6 goals in 6 games.) in the East Kederi are followed by Minhasa, Wamena and Persela. Riveting stuff eh? A final word about Bandung. They started the season shite but have won the last 3 games and next weekend play…Jakarta. About time I went to another game!

Friday, February 17, 2006



Actually I didn't see the game, we got stuck in the traffic and got lost so we gave up!

As promised here is a look at the teams in the Eastern Division..

Persik Kediri - East Java
Persmin Minhasa - Tondano, North Sulawesi
Persiwa - Wamena, Papua
Persila -
Persiba - Balikpapin, East Kalimantan
PSS - Slemen
Persiter - Ternate, Maluku
Persibom -
Persipura - Jayapura, Papua
Pupuk - East Kalimantin
Sidoarjo Deltras - East Java
Persigi - Gianyur, Bali
Persema - Malang
I've been impressed by Persik Kediri from what I've seen of them, nice pitch as well. Reckon they're in with a chance.
Beyond that not much else to report. Collette Wong makes Sportscentre on ESPN watchable again. Tomorrow is Man U and Liverpool, what a bore, I won't be tuning in to that. Bloody Des Corkhill saying if this game don't excite me then nothing in football will. Boring...
Persija Jakarta are at Medan on Saturday, they are doing well away from home, struggling at Lebuk Bulus while Medan are still doing well. Interesting game, I'll be watching that then Saturday night n the beer. Ain't life sweet!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Season So Far

Sorry nothing has been added for a few days but been tied up developing a Javanese Calendar which you can find out more about at

Briefly Tuesday saw a couple of games. Persija played Persitara out at Cilegon and got a 1-0 victory while up the road the Tangerang derby saw a 0-0 draw though without the fun and games that blighted Jakarta's visit there on Saturday. Saw another game from the eastern Division, this time Kediri who outplayed Balikpapan on a wonderful, well compared to the quagmire at Tangerang anything is wonderful, surface. They played good football and many of the flicks and turns came off unlike other grounds. Kediri beat Jayapura 3-0 over there in their first game and look good value in these early days. Next week time permitting I'll do a round up of the teams in that division

Had hoped to get to the pub tomorrow and take in Jakarta's home game with Semarang but, well, one out of two ain't bad. Looks like a wedding is stopping me joining the Jakmania. Bummer eh? But I smell that beer now...

With most teams having played 4 games the standings in the Western Division are as follows:
(the numbers refer to Games Points)

  1. Medan 3 9
  2. Jakarta 4 9
  3. Semarang 4 9
  4. Pasaruan Town 4 8
  5. Tangerang City 4 8
  6. Malang 4 7
  7. Jepara 4 6
  8. Padang 3 5
  9. Deli Serdang 3 4
  10. Tangerang 4 2
  11. Yogyakarta 4 2
  12. Palembang 3 1
  13. Bandung 4 0
  14. North Jakarta 4 0

Medan have played 3 home games so far, in an hours time they have their first away game at Malang. Watch this space!

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