Tuesday, October 17, 2017


PSSI Respond To Fan Death By Banning Soldiers 'Mobilising'

In the wake of the violence that marred the recent Liga 2 second round game between Persita and PSMS the PSSI chief, who is also a military man, has announced he has banned the armed forces for 'mobilising' for games.

The crowd trouble allegedly saw mobs of men in military faitigues attacking Persita supporters and basically kicking the shit out of them.

Quite why the soldiers were at the game isn't really explained. The match was played in Cibinong for some reason, Persita have been banned from playing home games in Tangerang and this season has seen them play home games in Serang and Karawang, and of course Cibinong is home to Liga 1 side PS TNI or the army team whose own attendances have plummeted in recent weeks.

So, why should the army have decided to send loads of people to see this particular game? Typically what happens is the recruits are bused in to the stadium and bused out again suggesting a level of organisation beyond the means of your normal grunt.

This question of course hasn't been answered. Instead we are told soldiers won't be rounded up for games in the future. How long this will last remains to be seen, especially if PSMS are to be promoted to Liga 1 next season. Will they be able to count on similar support at their away games?

Meanwhile an innocent Persita supporter lost his life and it is looking increasingly likely his family will have buried him without knowing why he died or who will be punished for it. Sadly an all too common occurrence. 

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