Sunday, June 25, 2017


Clubs Pay Hefty Price For Fan & Player Misbehaviour

Everyone says it. The atmosphere at an Indonesian league game is the best in South East Asia. Players come, fall in love with it and become coaches. A full terrace singing and dancing as one is, for me at least, one of the must sees in this diverse country.

At the same time there is always that feeling that under the surface something is likely to kick off. It could take a poor decision from the match officials, a sense of injustice or just some supporters misbehaving, flouting the rules, succumbing to a herd mentality. Sadly when this happens the terrace that can produce a scene of such colour and vibrancy can quickly turn into a less desirable place to be or to witness.

Fortunately the 2017 season hasn't had the number of serious outbreaks of crowd disorder we have witnessed in recent years. But that hasn't stopped clubs feeling the wrath of the PSSI disciplinary committee who sit in justice on a regular basis and hand out fines like a vending machine dishing out chocolate. And with authorities clamping down on flares and smoke bombs, some may argue they are an essential part of the match day experience, they are being kept busy.

As we are now in a break for the end of the fasting month it is a good time to which clubs have been hit hardest by the PSSI and how much the actions of their supporters, and their ill disciplined players, are costing.

For those unfamiliar with Indonesian money Rp 1 million = 59 GBP or USD 75.

Rp 150 million - Persib
Rp 50 million - Persija
Rp 45 million - Gresik United
Rp 35 million - Persebaya, Perssu
Rp 25 million - Arema, Persis
Rp 20 million - Persikabo, Persip
Rp 15 million - Persipur

A further 16 clubs have been fined Rp 10 million for various offences. Let's hope the money goes to useful causes!

SOURCE - the excellent Instagram account Pengamat Sepakbola

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