Friday, March 17, 2017


Persipura Left To Find New Sponsors

With the new season only a month a way one of the biggest names in the competition are threatening to withdraw after a major sponsor pulled the plug.

Persipura are the most successful club in the country over recent seasons yet a dispute between their major sponsor Freeport and the government is not only impacting how the business runs its affairs. Freeport has announced it will not be sponsoring Persipura this season leaving the club with a giant black hole to fill. Based in Papua, every away game for the Black Pearls involves lengthy flights and transit times as well as hotel bills.

The decision has left Persipura scampering round trying to find a new sponsor or sponsors in time for the new season.

The Black Pearls won the Indonesia Soccer Championship last season and have won the Indonesia Super League on three occasions. If they were to withdraw it would be a sad loss to the local football community. They are one of only three clubs that pass stringent AFC benchmarks and are widely seen as a professionally run club.

Indonesia Soccer Championship - 2016
Indonesia Super League - 2008/09, 2010/11, 2013
Liga Indonesia - 2005
Indonesia Community Shield - 2009
Inter Island Cup - 2011

UPDATE - Cash has been found and Persipura will feature in Liga 1!

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