Sunday, August 28, 2016


ISC Backtrack On A License Requirement. But Only For Persib

In one of those what the fuck moments for which Indonesia is so well known, the Indonesia Soccer Championship have sort of backtracked on their demand all clubs must have an A license coach. Earlier they had demanded Persib, Persija and PS TNI find new coaches because their guys lacked the full qualifications as set out in the competition's own regulations.

Now it seems Persib's Djadjang Nurdjaman can carry on in situ. Why? Apparently he has a 'Recognition of Competence' which was issued by the Indonesia Super League inn 2014, the season Persib won the ISL. 

Joko Diriyono of the ISC says 'In 2014 a couple of coaches were give ROCs or recognition they were coaches of the highest ability.' Djadjang was one beneficiary, the other was Daniel Roekito.

Djadjang's ROC is still valid continued Joko but Persija and PS TNI must go ahead and replace their own coaches, Jan Saragih and Suharto, because they lack both the A license and an ROC.

Yet again we have this arbitary interpretation of the rules in Indonesian football where certain clubs can get away with what they want while others have to toe the line. What is this ROC? Never heard of it before. Do other competitions have similar dispensation in the hands of the organisers? I think we know the answers.

Another question is worth asking. When the ISL was stopped in 2015 much was made of Djadjang heading to Milan to spend time with Inter. Why didn't he invest in his A license then?

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