Tuesday, August 16, 2016


BS United Hope To Sign South Korean

Bhayangkara Surabaya United's training sessions have been lonely places recently for coach Ibnu Grahan. With players being dropped from the squad, others called up for national team duties and still more off at copper training school training to be policemen there haven't been too many to run between the cones and share the banter.

The club hope to add one player to the squad with South Korean Lee Yu Jun arriving in Surabaya. He formerly played in Brazil and his home land and he could replace Timor Leste's Paulo Helber who hasn't fulfilled his potential in the eyes of the club.

Lee would follow the arrival of Alfin Tuasalamony, the former Persebaya full back who was recently added to the squad. Alfin was part of the SAD project in Uruguay as weel as playing for Belgian side CS Vise when it was owned by Indonesians. The 23 year old is now in his second spell with the club and will be hoping to recapture the form that made him such a talented teenager.

Lee and Alfin won't have many players to share those keepy uppy moments with. Evan Dimas, Putu Gede, M Hargianto, Zulfandi and Indra Kahfi are being looked at by national team coach Alfred Riedl while others like Sahrul Kurniawan, M Fatchu Rochman and wahyu Suboo Seto are looking to join the boys in brown.

Fatchu seems to be having a right laugh training to be a copper. As with the other cadets he has had his head shaved and he told reporters recently he had been asked by the commander whether he was comfortable or not. Fatchu said yes, he was comfortable and the commander slapped him and called him a liar. Next he was asked if the food was delicious and again the 21 year old defender said yes. He was called a liar and slapped again!

BS United have surprised many this season and while they have lost their last two games, away to Semen Padang and at home to Persipura , they are still in fifth place and in Rudi Widodo they have one of the ISC's top local scorers while Thiago Furtuoso and Otavio Dutra have been the pick of the foreign contingent.

This Friday Grahan and his team make the short journey to Persela in the hope of getting their season back on track against the ISC's bottom side.

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