Thursday, May 26, 2016


Penang Break The Mould, Appoint Football CEO

My back hurts. Seriously I almost fell off my bloody chair on reading the Penang FA will no longer be involved in the running of the football club. They have appointed Bojan Hodak as CEO and Nenand Bacina as coach and just have a read of this quote from FA president Datuk Seri Nazir Ariff.

'Bojan and Nenad will manage the team according to their own style. FAP have given them 100% authority to improve the team’s performance. From now on, we want the team to be run by football professionals ... not politicians, half-baked professionals or amateurs.'

A turkey has just voted for Christmas! Massive respect to Penang for making this choice and I hope it works for them. They certainly have appointed a couple of wise old heads to take charge of things but oh how must other coaches around the region be feeling!

Penang recently 'rested' coach jacksen F Tiago after fans got a bit pissy at a bad result.. The supporters hung around after the game ojecting to the coach and some of the players and the FA members eventually called in a couple of representatives to thrash things out. The result? Jacksen was gone to all intents and purposes. An amateur way of dealing with a professional matter and it is to their credit the FA have seen the error of their ways and taken action accordingly.

This is such a good story. On paper it is revolutionary in this part of the world. We need only look at Kelantan to see how a once mighty football club is being run in such a cack handed way. Too often clubs are seen as an extension of the owner or chief's ego and when they lose, as clubs must do in football, it's in the rules, they throw a hissy fit and blame everyone. When the club wins there they are soaking up the glory the players have earned, taking the plaudits and the credit as if they had netted a 90 second hat trick themselves to win the game.

Penang are taking the first steps towards a professional football club being run like a professional football club. No doubt there will be teething problems along the way and fans must be patient but this is the way forward for Malaysian football. 

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