Sunday, March 27, 2016


Madura United Like The Look Of Lama

First a word about Madura United. Once upon a time there was a football club called Pelita Jaya, I won't go into all their name changes or the home grounds they have used, life is too short, Suffice to say they were bought by Bandung Raya and the name changed to Pelita Bandung Raya.

They then had some kind of deal with Persipasi Bekasi so relocated, rebranded to Persipasi Bekasi Raya. That didn't last long and the owner of Persepam MU sold his club and decided to buy the PBR one. move them to the island of Madura and name them Madura United, thereby keeping their spot in the top flight of Indonesian football. Keeping up?

Brazilian coach Mario Gomes de Oliveria is now busy building a team ahead of the ISC due to begin in the middle of April and has been trialling Nepali Bikram Lama and it seems he has been impressed by what he has seen. Lama, a 27 year old midfielder, is hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow Nepali international Rohit Chand who impressed during his time with Persija.

Lama has been competing with Japanese Shohei Matsunaga, once of Persib and more recently Gresik United but it is Lama who seems to have won the heart of the watching coach. 'Matsunaga is a good player with good quality,' says the coach, 'but looking at the needs of the team we prefer to choose Lama.'

Lama of course is just the latest in the long line of international footballers who have a name that comes from the Indonesian language! Lama means a long time. Mutu, th eex Chelsea gyy, means quality, the significance no doubt would not be lost on him if anyone actually told him, while another ex Chelse player, Mata, means eye.

Sigh. You live and learn...

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