Saturday, October 24, 2015


Malaysia's Sanction Busters

Today sees President Cup winners and Indonesia Super League champions Persib take on a Liga Malaysia All Stars in a friendly, laughingly billed the Champions' Duel, in Soreang which is interesting. Interesting not least because Indonesian football is suspended by FIFA meaning no other Football Association can have any kind of contact or dealings with them.

Interesting also because the big Malaysian clubs are still involved in the Malaysia Cup and they aren't going to release any players for something like this, are they? Mind you that small fact hasn't stopped officials bigging up the Malaysian squad even though Football Association of Malaysia say they know nothing about the game or who is involved.

There is also a flyer used to promote the game that features players wearing a Kelantan and Geylang International shirt even though the latter actually play in the SLeague. I wonder how both clubs feel about their players being used so carelessly.

For all the hype surrounding the game the Malaysian team is not filled with any kind of stars and coming at a time when FIFA are supposed to be visiting Indonesia to discuss their suspension it does seem a particularly ill timed fixture, one Malaysia is doing its best to distance itself from. You wonder how the PSSI and the Transition Team feel about this though judging by a recent quote from the sprots minister, where are FIFA now, you get the impression they aren't really bothered.

Still, it is a Persib home game so a full house is guaranteed!

Malaysian Squad

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