Friday, October 23, 2015


Independence Cup Prize Money To Be Released. Finally

It seems ages ago that PSMS won the Independence Cup and in recent weeks the story has been a typical one in Indonesia. Where is the money?Yeap, doesn't matter who runs the game, no one seems to know how to find any cash to fulfil contractual obligations be it for players or clubs.

Now it looks like PSMS and Persinga will receive their money after the government appointed Transition Team, set up to reform the game in the wake of the PSSI suspension, cleared the way for local government funds to be tapped for the cash.

Now regular readers, hi Tom, may recall it wasn't that long ago when the government was announcing clubs could no longer use tax payers money to fund their largess, a decision that seems to have be met with varying degrees of compliance. So for the Transition Team to turn around and say actually it is ok is rather odd.

But the TT say it's ok. According to a law issued in 2004 apparently tax money can only be used for prize money and not for the more general expenses a football club incurs.

If it was that simple why has it taken so long to decide the money can be released?

SOURCE - Ongisnade

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