Saturday, August 15, 2015


Independence Cup Begins As Indonesian Football Ends Drought

Football returns to Indonesia today with the start of the Independence Cup. Organised by the government the cup features 24 teams drawn in four groups in Java and Sumatra. There is even a website though in the finest traditions of Indonesian football it is incomplete and full of dead links!

Group A

PSMS, Kalteng Putra, Persitara, PS Kwarta, Lampung, Persires

Group B

Perserang, Cilegon United, Yakuhimo, Persika, Mojokerto Putra, Persidago

Group C

Persis, Persiba Bantul, Persibangga, PSIR, PPSM, Persinga

Group D

Persepam Madura United, Madiun Putra, PSS, Persekap, Persatu, Persebo

Group A
Persires vs Ps. Kwarta, Stadion Teladan, Medan.
PSMS Medan vs Persitara, Teladan Stadium, Medan

Group B :
Perserang vs Persidago, Stadion Maulana Yusuf, Serang.
Mojokerto Putra vs Cilegon United, Stadion Krakatau Steel, Cilegon.

Group C:
Persis Solo VS PPSM Magelang, Manahan Stadium, Solo
PSIR Rembang VS Persiba Bantul, Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul.

Group D:
Madiun Putra VS Persekap Pasuruan, Wilis Stadium, Madiun
PSS Sleman VS Persepam MU, Wilis Stadium, Madiun

Interesting that while Madiun and Medan get to host two games on the opening match day, the other groups feature two stadiums. The last thing anyone wants is rival fans not following the script and engaging in fisticuffs!

Note that all the teams entered are from Divisi Utama...the ISL clubs are apparently waiting for their own 1 Indonesia Cup to begin, that is being organised by their own league!

There is little of the hoo haa that greeted the LPI back in the day, little of the calls for football reform we all know the game needs but we still look in vain for any chap on a white charger. Given the government backing there is little likelihood of brawling players and fans like we witnessed in the Central Java Police District Cup, especially on the opening day when the Indonesian president will be at Serang watching the opening game.

The PSSI are not happy but will they really want to take on the government? Meanwhile they hope the Indonesia Super League will kick off at the end of October.

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