Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Replica Shirt Sales

Turkish side Fenerbache say they have sold 500,000 replica shirts, earning the club a pretty cool $24 million!

Just say that number a few times. Indonesian clubs struggle to survive on budgets of Rp 20-30 billion ($160,000 +) and do absolutely zilch when it comes to marketing.

Are you telling me a club like Persib, Persija, Arema or Persebaya can not sell a similar number of replica shirts?

Of course all we hear here is how fans have no money, they don't want to buy original merchandise and yes there is also a significant number of low income earners/students who do go to games and do not have the means to pay full whack on a shirt. There are also people who identify with the club who can afford to buy the shirts.

You only have to look at Thai teams like Muang Thong United and Bangkok Glass to see the potential for replica shirt sales.

One day there will be an Indonesian club that is unafraid to embrace market realities but it will be done slowly and in an Indonesian way, hopefully not the English way. After all it would be the clubs who long as they tell the FA to stay away!

At a time when there is so much uncertainty around football you would think it was vital clubs were looking into this but then many club owners do not have the mindset to seek out different revenue sources.

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