Monday, October 27, 2014


No Joke As Komedi Hits Late Own Goals

In many countries football is kind of dull. In England you know the richest teams will win the league for example. Oh yes, there may be some upsets along the way but you know how it will end up.

Indonesia? Aah, Indonesia, truly a land where a surprise is guaranteed around every corner.

We have seen two leagues, two national teams preparing for an international competition and two players' unions. We have teams travelling to away games which could take 24 hours door to door.

The play offs currently taking place in the Indonesian Super League and Divisi Utama have seen fans killed, mass brawls and the country's first choice goalkeeper get throttled by an official from the other side.

Despite the importance of the play offs, two teams have refused to travel to one of their away games!

Amid all this consider the game between PSS and PSIS, a game to decide who won their particular group..

The game was played behind closed doors after an earlier incident and ended in a 3-2 win for the home team. PSIS took the lead with an own goal by Agus Setyawan on 78 minutes. They doubled their lead on 88 minutes when Herman Putra Jati made it 2-0...with an own goal.

Moments later, M Fadli pulled a goal back for the home team. It was of course an own goal! Then things turned really funny when Komedi scored on the 90th minute to level the scores before netting an injury time winner to make it 3-2 to PSS. Komedi of course plays for PSIS!

So, five goals and all of them own goals!  I recall a game in England once when a player scored all the goals in a 2-2 draw, was it Chris Nicholl, then of Aston Villa, and not to long ago Jon Walters scored two own goals for Chelsea against Stoke.

But five own goals? And look at the timing of them; 78', 88', 89', 90', 91'. And interesting none of the foreigners on either team were involved in the starting XIs.

The game has proved so controversial, even the PSSI have been forced to admit they will investigate it...PSSI, PSS and PSIS!

How ironic. While the Indian Super League is wowing fans with a slick, well presented product backed by deep pockets, the game in Indonesia remains the preserve of petty potentates empire building.

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