Friday, May 30, 2014


Low Crowds In Eastern Conference Of ISL

During the first of the current Indonesia Super League season, attendances in the western conference averaged a handy 10,242

1 - Persija 22,826
2 - Persib 22,149
3 - Arema 15,374

We can be sure Arema's average will have been boosted in recent weeks by large turn outs against Persija (33,000 +) and Persib (42,000 +)

In addition, Sriwijaya and Persik are regularly pulling in 10,000 plus crowds despite having pretty poor campaigns.

So far, so good. Till we look at the eastern conference.

1 - Persela 11,269
2 - Persepam MU 9,450
3 - Pusam 8,980

Now, I have a lot of time for Persela. Small town but they regularly sell out their Surajaya Stadium. But for them to be getting the largest crowds in the east is a sad indictment of clubs like Persebaya for example.

It was not that long ago Persebaya pulled in 55,000 for a game with Arema in the old IPL. Their last home game, against Persipura, was just over 1,000! Their supporters don't see Persebaya on the field despite the green shirts and the famous badge. They see Persikubar, a team parachuted in from East Kalimantan to satisfy people's personal ambitions.

So, unlike in England for example where fans upset by new owners limit their protest to the odd march or twitter outburst, Persebaya fans stay away.

PSM and Persiram have different reasons for their pitifully small average crowds of 617 and 188. PSM are playing their home games in Surabaya, far from their home city of Makassar while Persiram call Sleman, a suburb of Yogyakarta, home for this season.

But Persipura are only averaging 7,000 plus, well down on other seasons I think. What is all that about? Are the fans concentrating on the AFC Cup?

The above numbers come from the ISL's mid season review. If you wish to read the whole thing, and it is well laid out and easy to understand, then check out the Liga Indonesia website.

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