Friday, May 16, 2014


Disappointing Friendly Crowds

Last Sunday, Persija were involved in a high profile friendly with Dutch side Ajax. A fairly well known team I would imagine. Yet the crowd was given as a meagre 20,000.

Yet Persija's last home game, admittedly the Woodstock Love In against Arema, attracted double that figure!

Ajax's next game came against Persib at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium in Soreang, West Java. That attendance was given as 8,000. That number was on a par with Divisi Utama crowds at Persipur and PSMP played during the week.

Persib's last game, against Persija, saw some 27,000 turn up.
During the same week, Persis hosted PSIS in Divisi Utama and over 18,000 fans turned up to see PSIS defeated for the first time this season.

Then we had an Indonesia U23 team play Dominican Republic, their full national team, in front of a reported 200 fans at the 88,000 + capacity Bung Karno Stadium.

Yesterday, it was announced Pelita Bandung Raya would play a friendly against Europa League winners Sevilla 22/5 at Jalak Harupat Stadium.

Now PBR are not the biggest club in the country. Far from it.

The danger with this game is that the crowd on the evening will be, in short, bloody awful. PBR only draw crowds of more than 2,000 to their home games is when they host Persib.

The club and the promoters should do everything in their power to get some bums on seats...all the talk of the passion the fans have for the game here will mean nothing if Sevilla walk on to the pitch in front of a near empty stadium.

The least PBR can do is get round the local schools and give out some free tickets for the kids.

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