Saturday, April 05, 2014


Ajax Heading to Indonesia

Ajax Amsterdam have announced they will be visiting Indonesia in May and Jakarta Casual can exclusively reveal Dennis Bergkamp will not be part of the travelling party so there!

The club announced the tour on their website but no more details were forthcoming.

Rather worryingly, the secretary general of the PSSI had this to say about the tour.

'PSSI have not yet had a report about Ajax's planned tour. We appreciate their plan to come here. But, if it is true they are coming in May, the chance they can play the national team is very slim because they will be preparing for the Asean Cup later this year. Probably they will play either Indonesia U23 of an Indonesia Select,' said Joko Driyono.


Why not get creative. Why not have Ajax play a couple of club sides? Stop this nonsense of Select this or All Star that...bloody awful constructs.

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