Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Persija v Sriwijaya Tickets

Category Normal Persija Card
VVIP Rp 200.000 Rp 150.000
VIP Rp 150.000 Rp 100.000
Category 1 Rp 80.000 Rp 60.000
Category 2 Rp 40.000 Rp 30.000      

Decent discount for fans who buy a Persija Card...any idea how to get one of them?

The game is 9/3 at Bung Karno, kick off 3.30 pm

send e-mail to

subject: "Persija Card Order"
message body:
name, address, phone number, amount of Persija Card order.

upon their reply, do the payment via transfer to a BCA account provided in the reply message. Add your name on the transfer note.

1 Persija Card is IDR 50,000 w/ 0 credit.

Wait for the delivery.

Or, simply visit Persija office at Gate VIII of Gelora Bung Karno on business hours..
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