Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Geylang Play Goalie In Defence

Speaking after the match, Geylang head coach Vedhamuthu Kanan was visibly disappointed. 

He said: “We were lucky not to have conceded more goals and our tactics didn’t work in the first-half. We wanted to be very defensive and let them come at us but they [Tampines] obviously had their own plans.

“I told them that we had nothing to lose in the second-half, we are 3-0 down so we must come out and play. We were able to play and match them a little bit in the second half [which was] something to take back. We still can play if we want to play.”

He also bemoaned the absence of his Japanese defenders Kento Fukuda and Yuki Ichikawa, whom he believed would have made a difference if they had taken to the field.

“I think they will return in two weeks’ time when we play Brunei DPMM,” he shared.

“We miss them already. They’ve only played together for one match during the three games this season. It makes a lot of difference to the backline, if Kento and Ichi were playing as it would allow us to play more confidently at the back.”

Explaining his decision to play goalkeeper Siddiq Durimi at the heart of defence, Kanan said: “I don’t have a centre-back as Fabian [Kwok] and the two Japanese are also injured meaning that the three options at centre-back are all out and I don’t have any option.

“I don’t have a Prime League player who is strong enough and I didn’t want to take the risk to play another Prime League player in an already inexperienced backline.

“I thought Siddiq did very well and worked his socks off and although he cramped [towards the end], he recovered very fast for the counter-attacks. He did very well.”  

SOURCE - SLeague

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