Friday, February 21, 2014


Play Persib v Persija In Singapore

After humming and haaing over the fate of Indonesia's very own El Classico, Persib v Persija, the powers that be have decided, on the day before, the game is to be cancelled for another day.

Apparently, people were freaked out no one could control a few hundred people last week when Pelita Bandung Raya hosted Persija at the same stadium.

I mean, no one noticed a few hundred kids from Jakarta dressed in orange?

I know where it should be played!

With greater ASEAN integration on the way, why not play the game in Singapore? Apart from anything else, it would be great for people there to see a game with a real atmosphere and real fans.

But picture the scene. Can you imagine 5,000 Jakmania jumping on top of Singapore buses to head out to the stadium? Or 5,000 Vikings sat on the field behind the main stand four hours before kick off?

Better still, can you imagine the look on the faces of the locals when kids in orange or blue get on buses with their three string guitars and start wailing in return for some cash? Or football fans brawling on Orchard Road while the good denziens of Lions City, and all them tourists (including many coiffured Ibus from Pondok Indah) nipping into Orchard Towers to avoid the fights!

And who knows, this could be the start of something big. Bangkok Glass v Chonburi in Surabaya for example or Selangor v Kelantan in Pattaya. And don't forget, Tampines Rovers v Warriors in Batam!

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