Monday, January 27, 2014


Felda United v PBAPP 1-1

To be honest, not a whole heap to write home about.

The visitors took the lead with a well taken, opportunist goal from 30 odd yards. It was one of those where dullard ex pro pundits like to blame the keeper but I prefer to praise the goalscorer who spotted the opportunity and took the punt.

Keepers stray off their line, always have done, always will do. As supporting evidence, m'lud, Bob Wilson 1971 FA Cup Final, David Seaman ECWC Final 1995.

If keepers stay on their goal line it means with any break they are delayed in closing down the angles and putting pressure on the attacker because they have those extra few yards to catch up.

Stand around the penalty spot and they are better positioned.

Beating the keeper from long range, just getting enough on the ball to get ot over his head but down again quickly enough to creep under the ball is a skill and one I think should be recognised and not just fall back on the unimaginative 'what was the goalie thinking' mantra spewed out on TV ad infinitum.

Both Edward Wilson Junior and Zah Rahan made their debuts for Felda United and Wilson had plenty of opportunities to put the game to bed but it wasn't until about 10 minutes from the end when he managed to equalise.

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