Saturday, January 18, 2014


Arema's AFC Cup Dilemma

The Indonesia Super League season begins 1 February. It stops on 24 February. It starts again 6 March. It stops again 20 March for the general election. It starts again 11 April.

And that is the problem.

The Asian Football Confederation did not take into account Indonesia's election year when they set the calender for 2014 and now Arema, who are competing in the AFC Cup, have a problem.

Not only did the AFC overlook the election, they only went and scheduled two Arema games during the election period at home.

Typically, the Indonesian police don't allow games to go ahead during election time. Apparently they can't handle more than one big event at a time.

So where this leaves Arema's games is up in the air at moment. One option would be to play them behind closed doors. Another would be to play them in another country. Or Indonesia could change their election to fit better with the AFC calender?

Affected games

01/04 - Arema v Maziya
09/04 - Arema v Selangor

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