Friday, July 19, 2013


Meiga Remains Indonesia's Number One

Much is being made locally of Indonesia keeper Meiga Kurnia's performance against Arsenal last Sunday which is a bit unfair. There is only so long a keeper can hold out against an attack that has the freedom of the park as Indonesia Dream Team allowed Arsenal.

Coach Jacksen F Tiago made the point in his press conference a couple of days ago that Kurnia is a mentally strong lad and should pull through.

For me he has nothing to prove. Just over a month ago Dutch coach Louis van Gaal was signing his praises after the Netherlands defeated Indonesia 3-0 saying his catching and clearing were top notch.

You don't become a bad player after one game, the best thing Tiago can do is let the young Arema keeper know he is playing again Saturday against Liverpool.

After all these friendlies at the end of the day are pointless. Opportunities for the players to swap shirts with some big names. That's about it.

You don't become a bad player just because your defence and midfield don't show up.

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