Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Break Up The LionsX11 Now!

LionsX11 winning the Malaysia Super League rounds off a spectacular seven months for Singapore football. A period you would find any Singaporean hard pushed to acknowledge.

Coach Sundramoorthy's team was written off earlier in the season because the title hadn't been won by March. The team was unbeaten at home but there were mumblings of discontent among the media and fans because the team had committed the massive sin of only winning one away game!

The coach was criticised for using different tactics home and away and it seems the know it alls didn't like that and wanted him out despite many clubs round the world doing the exact same thing but then the Singapore football follower defies expectation at times.

Remember of course they were moaning about Raddy Avramovic this time last year!

Respect to the coach for sticking to his principles and he can now bask in the glory of a job well done.

What next? Ideally the LionsX11 team should be broken up. They can't enter the AFC Cup next season, the best thing they can do is focus on the Malaysia Cup this year then for 2014 spread the players round the SLeague.

The domestic game suffers from apathy and incompetence but perhaps taking players like Shahril Ishak and Baihakki Kaizan and bringing them back to the SLeague would, perhaps, act as a star factor which is what the game is crying out for; among many other things.

Singapore football is riding high within the region at the moment with the ASEAN Cup and the Malaysia Super League adorning the FAS offices and who knows, a local team could even win the SLeague.

Smart thinkers need to leverage that success and recognition to bolster the domestic game.

Next up is the SEA Games...can Singapore manage an unlikely treble?

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