Friday, July 26, 2013


Bachdim Loaned Out By Chonburi

Remember a couple of year's ago when Irfan mania was sweeping Indonesia?

Many will. But it was a mere whimsy. It never lasted. Things never do in the short term thinking world of Indonesian football.

Bachdim stayed with Persema who struggled in the IPL. He was farmed out to Chonburi in the Thai Premier League, one of the better football clubs up there with which to resurrect his career.

Then came rumours he was heading back to Indonesia.

Not to Persipura or Sriwijaya or any of the big clubs but to...Persema.

He has ended up on loan at Sri Racha who play in Thailand's second tier after failing to impress in Chonburi.

Still, it is a nice town but hardly the footballing hot spot you would have imagined back in the heady days of the 2010 ASEAN Cup.

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