Friday, June 14, 2013


Weaver's A Warrior

Good to see Alex Weaver back in work after he as announced new coach of Warriors.

Once known as SAFFC they dominated Singapore football for several years but now find themselves in 10th place in the SLeague.

Weaver was previously with Hougang United but was mysteriously removed from coaching duties and sent to the stand like a naughty school boy.

From the outside it looked like the club was trying to freeze Weaver out. Make him feel unwanted so he would quit so the club did not need to pay off his contract but then I am just cynical!

That shows the type of people football in these parts has to deal with. Beneath all the business school speak about KPIs and hubs at the end of the day some people are just on massive ego trips,keen to show they are in charge and look what power they can swing.

Football will never progress all the while there are people like this in prominent positions.

I hope one day the rue story comes out one day.

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