Tuesday, June 18, 2013


PSMS Players Protest Non Payment

The world has moved on but on the ground nothing has changed.

Attention spans are never very long at the best of times and once the PSSI and the KPSI decided to bury the hatchet and be friends again everyone lost interest. The feeling was everything was fine, hunky dory and ship shape once again.

But it isn't and it isn't going to be. The problems afflicting Indonesian football are never going to be solved by the same people who started the whole nonsense in the first place. And it ain't about football anyway, never has been and won't be for the foreseeable future.

Despite the different leagues seeming to run smoothly under the surface things are so bloody rosy.

Take the players of PSMS. The Divisi Utama club have a fine tradition but no one cares about that. The players have not been paid for yonks and have come to Jakarta to air their grievances...only to find the PSSI have shifted to Surabaya to slap each other on the back, jostle for position and show off their latest batik shirts.

When the players went to the PSSI office it was locked. Everyone it seemed had gone.  Everyone from office boy upwards was needed in Surabaya.

It's fortunate these people don't run the country, ambitions aside. All an enemy power needs to do is wait for them to have a meeting in somewhere like Makassar then invade Jakarta. Job done!

The players of course will soon run out of money.

The PSSI will be enjoying bumper pay days and bumper photo ops from the visits of Netherlands, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool yet no one has the vision to get players paid. A basic right afterall.

Nope, nothing has changed.

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