Monday, April 15, 2013


The No Shows

After six rounds of fixtures in the Indonesia Premier League so far seven games saw one of the teams lose 3-0 as they never bothered turning up (WO) and five games cancelled in advance because one of the teams either had no money or were not ready (PP).

So who are the guilty ones?

Arema 1 (WO) 1 (PP)
Persija 2 (WO) 1 (PP)
Persepar 1 (WO) 2 (PP)
Persema 1 (WO)
Persibo 1 (WO) 2 (PP)
Persebaya 1 (WO) 2 (PP)

So out of six possible games the likes of Persebaya, Persibo and Persija have missed half!

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