Friday, February 01, 2013


Home Comforts For Papuan Teams

Papua is a notoriously difficult place to get a result. The distances involved mean many visiting teams are knackered when they land often with little time to acclimatize and rest. Throw in the fact that games are never shown live round the country and you can understand people's concerns.

Persib are none to happy at the moment. They raced into a 2 goal lead away to Persiram before the home team clawed their way back into the game, veteran Liberian striker James Koko Lomell scoring the equaliser a respectable 12 minutes before the end amid accussations from the visitors there was an element of offside.

While Persib bemoan the ref the other three teams playing in Papua ended up with nothing.

Persipura inflicted a second successive 4-0 thumping on newly promoted Persepam while Persidafon matched that against Persita. Persiwa had an 81st minute goal to thank for their three points and, call me suspicious, late goals favouring the home team are no rarity over there.

Persipura v Persepam 4-0 (Patrich Wanggai, Boaz Solossa 2, Lukas Mandowen) 23,665
Persidafon v Persita 4-0 (Juan Marcelo Cirelli, Ronal Setmop, Jaelaniu rey, Issac Wanggai) 9,500
Persiwa v Persela 2-1 (OG, Guy Junior Nke Onduna; Mario Costas) 1,553
Persiram v Persib 2-2 (Kubay Quaiyan, James Koko Lomell; Kenji Adichihara, Herman Dzumafo) 2,150

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