Thursday, November 15, 2012


International Friendlies

Indonesia v Timor Leste 1-0 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Thailand v Bhutan 5-0 (Apipoo 3, Napat, Rattana)
Malaysia v Hong Kong 1-1 (Safee Sali; Lam Hok Hei)

The Thais continued their reasonable run with a comfortable win over football non powerhouse Bhutan but Malaysia's form must be concerning their coach Rajagopal. Hong Kong nicked a late equaliser to deny the AFF Cup holders.

Thailand play Bangladesh at the weekend while Malaysia play the same team next Tuesday.

Indonesia struggled to overcome an improving Timor Leste in front of a sparsely populated Bung Karno, some estimates give the attendance about 1,000, and they will host Cameroon on Friday. Funny that the scorer came from an ISL team...

God knows why Indonesia can't play games in the evening like other nations. Some people do have day jobs you know.

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