Friday, November 16, 2012


Inter Island Cup 2012 Draw

01/12 Persidafon v Persepam, Persib v Gresik United (Bandung)
02/12 Persiba v Barito Putra, Persisam v Mitra Kukar (Samarinda)
03/12 Persepam v Persib, Gresik United v Persidafon (Bandung)
04/12 Barito Putra v Persisam, Mitra Kukar v Persiba (Samarinda)
05/12 Persib v Persidafon, Gresik United v Persepam (Bandung)
06/12 Persisam v Persiba, Mitra Kukar v Barito Putra (Samarinda)
07/12 Persija v Persita, Sriwijaya v PSPS (Palembang)
08/12 Persipura v Persiram, Arema v Persela (Malang)
09/12 PSPS v Persita, Sriwijaya v Persija (Palembang)
10/12 Arema v Persipura, Persela v Persiram (Malang)
11/12 PSPS v Persija, Persita v Sriwijaya (Palembang)
12/12 Persiram v Arema, Persela v Persipura (Malang)
15/12 Semi Final 1 Winner Bandung Group v Winner Samarinda Group
16/12 Semi Final 2 Winner Palembang Group v Winner Malang Group)
22/12 Final

Previous Winners

2010 Sriwijaya v Persiwa 2-0
2011 Persipura v Persisam 2-0

The IIC draw has finally been made as can be seen above. Featuring 16 teams from the Indonesia Super League, Pelita Bandung Raya won't be competing. Neither are Persiwa.

The eagle eyed may have noted it coincides with the ASEAN Cup!

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