Saturday, October 27, 2012


Mystery Of German Footballer Nicked In Pattaya

Former West Ham United forward Savio Nsereko Malaga has been arrested in Pattaya. Apparently he'd caned 1,000,000 Thai baht in 2 weeks and had asked people back him to bail him out because he had been kidnapped!

Malaga, who spent some time in 2009 with West Ham is supposedly playing for SpVgg Unterhaching in Germany's third tier but for some reason is in Pattaya having his jollies?

Today, as he gets humiliated in the local media and on bored blogs like this his team mates are playing Stuttgarter Kickers.

Two questions leap out. First, how the hell can anyone spend two weeks in Pattaya? And spend 1,000,000 THB? On what? Sod all to do there apart from get pissed from morn till night.

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