Tuesday, August 28, 2012


SLeague Not Good Enough For Harimau Muda?

Isn't spin a wonderful thing?

Malaysia's Harimau Muda have mumbled they may withdraw from the SLeague next year as they seek to prepare to hang on to their SEA Games title in Myanmar in late 2013.

Their coach has expressed a preference for spending extended time in Slovakia or Brazil and I must say I agree...would love to spend time in either of those places.

He hasn't come out and said so explicitly but the inference is that playing Woodlands Wellington ad infinitum isn't the best preparation he feels.

The coach also feels that by staying in the SLeague, Singapore especially would have an advantage if they were to meet at the SEA Games as they would know their game so well.

If the FA agree to the coach's request then there is a second Harimau Muda team, a younger version, who could still compete in the SLeague.

Whether the Singapore Football Association would be receptive to the idea remains to be seen. For now it remains a proposal.

Filipinos are very good sport...
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