Monday, August 13, 2012


Singapore Eye League Cup Expansion?

In more bad news for the few remaining fans of Singapore football officials have been so delighted not just with the League Cup but the Plate as well, for those poor buggers knocked out at the group stage, yep, gone are the days when an early exit from the unloved League Cup meant you could concentrate in the league.

I understand from sources close to the Jalan Besar hierarchy, well Mabel, that the FA are considering tinkering yet further with the competition.

The four teams that get knocked out at the quarter final stage will, from next year, go on to play in a mini league among themselves. To maximize interest, and further wet the knickers of a breathless football public, the four teams will play each other not once, like in most knockout competitions, and not twice like most league formats. Nope, these lucky four clubs will play each other three times! Once at home, once away and once at a neutral stadium to ‘spread the love.’

The top two teams will then play off to decide who wins while the bottom two teams will likewise play off to decide the 3/4th place play off.

In keeping with the domestic kitchen theme that runs through the League Cup, we have the Cup and the Plate, this new format will be called the Napkin.

Mabel says officials are really excited about the new format and there was some talk that it could be introduced later this year but someone pointed out the calendar is already full. Undeterred, they will add the Napkin to next year’s competition schedule.

One highly placed source says the plan fits in perfectly with the FA’s vision and 6 year strategic plan as the new format will increase attendances, some hoping that up to 20 fans may buy tickets for some games, and raise the profile of the game even higher. ‘We want Singapore to become known as a hub for innovation in football and League Cup 3.0 is proof of our determination to achieve that goal’ says one. 

Apparently one attendee talked about KPIs more than anyone else and won a free Happy Meal from a fast food chain.

One local blogger, refusing to be named, said the Napkin is a good idea and is not ‘to be sneezed at.’

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