Saturday, August 04, 2012


Indonesia Try Hosting Another Competition

After being humiliated in their attempts tp host Everton and Galatasaray in the Java Cup, Indonesia is now going to try again. This time with the SCTV Cup.

This is scheduled to take place in September and will feature Indonesia, Indonesia U22, Malaysia U22 and North Korea.

The Indonesians do like to have a pop at the Malaysians for various childish things, they steal our culture blub blub, but fair play to the Malaysians, they are always up for a kick around.

In the debacle of the Java Cup the Malaysians stuck around and played Indonesia in a behind closed doors friendly and no here they are jumping on another flight.

As for North Korea, they would play my pub team if we invited them and offered to let them kip on our couches.

9/9 Indonesia U22 v Malaysia U22
10/9 Indonesia v North Korea

This comes a few days after Indonesia are thought to be hosting Espanyol Reserves!

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