Thursday, August 30, 2012


Chonburi's Double Nine

Chonburi enter the month of September with one of the busiest fixture schedules of recent years.

02/09 v Chainat TPL (A)
05/09 v Bangkok Glass TLC (A)
08/09 v Buriram United TPL (H)
12/09 v Bangkok Glass TLC (H)
14/09 v Wuachon United TPL (A)
18/09 v Al Shorta AFC (H)
22/09 v Army United TPL (H)
26/09 v Al Shorta AFC (A)
29/09 v Osotspa TPL (A)

You know what? It would be a nice gesture from the TPL if they moved the Osotspa back 24 hours. You know, to allow the team an extra 24 hours to recuperate after a bloody long flight and 90 minutes arguing with biased refs.

But won't happen. Not in Thailand where tail wags dog.

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