Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Jakarta Readies For English Invasion

With Indonesia hosting Everton and Queens Park Rangers later this month we can maybe expect a few fans from England to make the long journey over to see their teams. QPR of course are also playing a couple of games in Malaysia as are Manchester City and Arsenal.

There will be some late kick offs to look forward to. Malaysia for example will play Arsenal at 9.45 pm and if Bukit Jalil is used then getting back to town using public transport will be a problem.

Last year when I saw the Arsenal there, at an 8.45 pm kick off, I managed to get a train from the stadium into town but there were no connecting services. Despite the large crowds expected no one there seems to have considered how fans on public transport would get home.

QPR play Kelantan and from what I've seen so far they will play at Shah Alam Stadium which is even worse for transport.

And Malaysian taxi drivers...don't get me started on them!

In Indonesia Everton will play Galatasary at 9pm. The Bung Karno Stadium is right in the middle of the city and while you may not want to use the local buses taxis are a massive improvement on KL as long as you use Blue Bird or Silver Bird!

QPR will play Persebaya in Surabaya at the Bung Tomo Stadium. Never been there but don't rely on public transport. Car hire or taxis are readily available though.

One reason for the late kick offs is not the weather but the fact that the games will be taking place during the Islamic fasting month. This could of course affect the entertainment plans of visitors but hotel bars should be open and other bars may close for a couple of days at the beginning of the month which has yet to be confirmed.

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