Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Another PR Disaster

They sacked Alfred Riedl, they lost 10-0 away to Bahrain, they lost the SEA Games final to Malaysia, PSV cancelled, players haven't been paid, no one really seems interested in their IPL, match officials still assaulted, Galatasary cancelled, were Nacional even invited, now Everton have withdrawn from the Java Cup.

Just another day in Indonesian football. Many imitate but none come close...

Still, fair play to Arema who have done the country proud in the AFC Cup...

Try Arsenal. Arsenal Indonesia reprise two giant giant banners at Bukit Jalil yesterday you can be proud of. Arsenal FC cannot missed it and must come to Jakarta summer tour next year...
It was a mess even for Bookmaking Software but at least they know how their feets are attach to the ground and they can try to grow as a team.

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